USA Fortune 500 Sector – EU Forecast & Investment(1 Year & 5 Year horizons)

Name : Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Health Care
Biotechnology: Biological Products (No Diagnostic Substances)
Financial Review – report link : On file
Latest Financial Report link(Most Recent): On File

Contact (on File): investor relations(@)Fennec Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Critical EU-SEC Item / Finance Reporting Issue (Urgent for CEO Attention)
US/EU Investment & Security Threat – Anglo American plc diamonds finance Russia’s WMD/Middle East Israeli Conflict & ponzi ‘Rainbow Investment scheme ‘ with GBP

Additional Details & Forecast(1 Year & 5 Year):
Industry : USA Fortune 500 Sector – EU Forecast & Investment(1 Year & 5 Year horizons) 
Corporate Growth Forecast : On file
Corporate Earnings per Share: On File
Profit Forecast : $ On File
Target Dividend(per Share-ordinary) : On File
Financial Report Date : On File
Latest Financial Statements Report Link : On File
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SA Artillery Latest Global Security Report 2020/21 onwards


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