Brexit News – UK’s new alliance with Russia(Next 18 Months)


It is common knowledge that the US has had material breaches of its
intelligence data archives. For the past period ,NSA, CIA and others
have been attempting to track down the source. Wikileaks founder, Julian
Assange was identified as one , then came Snowden , who via internal
moles was able to do a runner before he could be caught.

Intel sources now point to the English Windsors being fingered in this activity. It is believed that the Windsors sold US intel for cash to ‘maintain their lifestyle’. What is known is that members of the DOD regularly meet with
the Windsors both formally and informally. The big issue is that DOD
members , though being professional servicemen, may not withold information
from members of the royal family. However members of the royal family are
not bound by professional rules of conduct, thus can disclose at will.

UK has Brexited , but its new alliance partner Russia, will only most likely
be disclosed in the next 18 months or so. Meanwhile the Windsors
are expected to move money out of London/UK possibly via Luxenbourg
to Russia , Moscow.

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